Services and activities organized by the Laverdamania Association

* The constitution and updating of complete document databases on the brand (historical, technical, market value)

Over the years, we have created a very large collection of brand-related documents, including historical, technical and anecdotal information, including a photo library of more than 25,000 photos. We can respond to most requests about the brand and its models.
An estimate of the value of Laverda motorcycles is available here

Any request, contact:


* The provision of complete documentation by model (on USB sticks)

It is often difficult to gather all the useful documentation for each type of Laverda motorbike. We have collected most of the period documents, we have collected them by model and we can make them available to our contributors. Most of the time and for practical reasons, these documents are provided in the form of a USB key.

Any request, contact:



* Group orders for spare parts or accessories, a partnership with professionals to obtain negotiated rates

We regularly organize group orders for spare parts and accessories in order to give our contributors the benefit of cheaper prices or to allow them to have access to specific refabrications.
The launch of group order transactions is communicated to everyone via the Laverdamania forum and mailing lists.


* Manufacture, remanufacture of spare parts, tools and accessories

This means launching manufacturing or remanufacturing programs when certain spare parts or accessories are no longer available or sold at prohibitive prices.
The suggestion of fabrications or refabrications is submitted to all via the forum Laverdamania and mailing lists.



* Laverda motorcycle identification assistance, assistance and pre-purchase advice

One of the most common requests we receive is the identification and compliance of models prior to purchase. When preparing to pay the high price for a given model, it is essential to verify its compliance with the origin and value of the work done.
The procedure to follow is to send us an email or a mail, including detailed photographs of the motorcycle, as well as all the useful documents (copy of the registration document, serial number, invoices, etc ...). We will then be able to give an estimate of the bike's compliance, condition and true value range.
An estimate of the value of Laverda motorcycles is also available on the website.

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* Personalized technical assistance for the maintenance, repair and restoration of Laverda motorcycles

In case of problem or doubt about a maintenance operation, restoration or repair of a Laverda motorcycle, we can assist you remotely.

Any request, contact:


* Put in touch with the best French or foreign professionals

In case you wish to entrust the repair, maintenance or restoration of your Laverda motorcycle to a professional, we can direct you to a network of specialists whose seriousness, availability and prices have been checked by us.
Of course it is only a question of assistance to put you in contact with the best specialists, we have no interested action in your transactions nor have any form of profit-sharing or commercial relations with these specialists.

Any request, contact:


* Assistance for translation into foreign languages in case of contact with foreign suppliers

For parts orders or technical services (rebuilding crankshafts, cylinder heads, engines, etc ...) from foreign suppliers, we can assist you for the translation into English or Italian of your orders or requests.
Of course, our service is limited to the exact translation of your requests and excludes any other consideration relating to general discussions or possible disputes.


* A presence in certain fairs and meetings

For the pleasure of meeting enthusiasts and for the promotion of the association, we participate in some exhibitions, meetings and motorcycle events during the year.
The calendar of these events is available on this website, but it will also be communicated via the forum Laverdamania and mailing lists.



* Occasional general information about the brand, events, calendars, promotions, etc ... (mailing)

All useful news about the brand is communicated to our contributors by mailing lists and on the forum.





* Mechanical training courses (routine maintenance, adjustments, repairs) on Laverda engines

Many Laverdists are reluctant to maintain or repair their motorcycles due to lack of general or specific mechanical knowledge and training for these models. We plan the organization of training sessions, with practical implementation on a Laverda engine, for the sharing of knowledge.
In spite of the various expenses generated by this type of service, we try to keep the financial participations at the lowest.


* Partnership actions with professionals and clubs

For professionals, we regularly negotiate discounts or other benefits for our contributors. A list of professional partners is available here.

For the clubs, we support them for their action in favor of the brand, in particular by encouraging the Laverdists, contributors of Laverdamania or not, to integrate their structure. In addition, we offer them specific partnership actions, either in the context of certain services mentioned above, or for activities that may be of common interest


* Manufacture, sale of various promotional items: (T-shirts, stickers, jackets, accessories, etc ...)

These are identification and promotion articles of the Laverdamania association.

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* Geolocation of Laverda owners for regional actions or mutual aid

Geolocation allows our contributors to organize regional meetings, punctual outings, mutual help in case of technical problems, etc ...





NB: The services of the Laverdamania Association are only indicative and offered in the context of mutual assistance. Even if we put into practice many years of experience concerning the Laverda motorcycles and we privilege the official documentations, the Laverdamania Association can not be held responsible for a misapplication of the advice, the possible problems met with the professionals or errors that may affect the period documentation.
Everyone will ensure in particular and beforehand that he has all the skills that are required to perform a particular technical operation and to interpret the documentation correctly. If in doubt about your own skills, it is strongly advised to call a professional.